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Pot of Greed


Magazine Branding

Magazine Composition

3D Products & Objects

Custom Soundtrack (Remix)


Millennium Magazine is an online publication that covers news related to trading card games and collectibles.

Client Industry

Digital Publication

4K Resolution
Sound On


Logo Designs

Challenge: This issue of the magazine includes a feature article on the trading card ‘Pot of Greed’. The task was to showcase the actual object alongside other products from the universe.

Design Decisions: The holographic style of the overlaying graphics was chosen to reflect the shiny physical cards in Yu-Gi-Oh. The “+2” represents Pot of Greed’s ability to draw 2 cards, the design on the left-side represents the play-zones from the game, and the logos at bottom relate to the card’s attributes.


Scene Objects

Relatively simple texturing was applied to the pot itself to avoid over-complicating an already complex scene. The cards included feature a mask around the character illustration, allowing the backdrop to reflect when struck by a light source.


Page Composition

Drawing inspiration from the traditional manga source of Yu-Gi-Oh, I aimed to “box-in” the various regions of the artboard like comic-book layouts. A key requirement I set for the project was that a description box was included (bottom) in order to reference the long-standing Internet meme that nobody knows what Pot of Greed does.