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Motion Poster

Fruit Machine


Brand Design

3D Objects & Machine

Pixel-Art (Top Screen)

Custom Soundtrack (8-Bit Style)


The ‘Fruit Machine’ serves fresh fresh products in a virtual reality gaming space.

Graphic Placement

7-Eleven Shopfront Screens

Bus Shelters

4K Resolution
Sound On


Brand Design

Concept: A fresh fruit vending machine in a futuristic, semi-virtual world, where previews of the fruit appear as you browse the available options.

Design Decisions: I referenced modern-day Japanese aesthetics in terms of the pink-purple colour tone, incorporation of gamified pixel-art, and playful sound effects that drive positive sentiment. The reflections and lighting changes happening off-camera indicate the machine’s placement on the street.


Fruit Objects

The fruit objects were modelled with a gamified aesthetic in mind, with generally exaggerated colour tones and sizes. The below fruit were selected as they allowed for a visual contrast in terms of shape and colour.


Machine Design

As the poster features a close-up view of the machine’s front, a surrounding environment was not developed. The fruit objects, pixel-art and environment lighting changes were added post-render during the compositing stage.