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Motion Poster

Lobby 1993


Primary Logo (Lobby)

Fictional Logos (Footer)

3D Objects & Environment

Custom Soundtrack


The ‘Lobby Association’ supplies, fits and markets for cinema lobbies around the world.

Placement / Usage

Digital Mall Panels

Digital Cinema Panels

4K Resolution
Sound On


Logo Designs

Concept: An early-1990s cinema lobby scene that incorporates a hologram candy selection interface. This poster would be displayed on digital panels around the mall, encouraging people to visit the cinema lobby and purchase candy.

Design Decisions: The logos draw inspiration from video-rental stores and theater company branding of the time. The back menu screens were designed with a simple palette to reflect the aesthetic style of the 1990s. Each candy product lights up when selected to direct the viewer’s attention, supported by a hologram of the candy logo to emphasise the brand.


Product Design

I utilised candy packaging scans from around the year 1993 to further ensure accuracy of the scene. The boxes and bars were modelled out and UV wrapped with the scans.


Scene Design

To effectively convey the three-dimensional nature of the environment, a dolly shot was incorporated at the onset of the animation. This strategic decision was made with the intention of maximizing viewer immersion. The below viewport render illustrates the scope of the scene and detail that I created.