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Milk Crate


Brand Design

Album Artworks

Event Posters

Promotional Content

Digital Collectible


Milk Crate is an Australian electronic music record label, regularly releasing music across digital channels.

Client Industry

Electronic Music

Web3 (Blockchain Tech)


Brand Design

Challenge: A brand image that harmonically balances music curation, milk products and vintage illustration. The primary requirement was for a logo that centres around a strong stand-alone icon, allowing it to be utilised across different mediums without requiring accompanying typography or a wordmark.

Milk Products

Lactose goods, milk delivery

Music Curation

Storing vinyl in milk crates

Comic / Illustration

Handcrafted design style


Brand Elements

Primary Font

Mukta Light


Brand Colours

Maximum Red


Persian Blue




Smoky Black



Album Artworks

Each EP boasts a distinct character, with an individual low saturated colour-scheme (retro connection with brand image) and unique optical-illusion patterns inspired by 1990’s rave graphics. Compilations feature watercolour style photography / renders with subtle canvas texturing, vibrant colours and manual brush strokes.


Event Posters

I established the template of a vintage anthropomorphic / supernatural character framed by a psychedelic backdrop. I aimed to tie most characters directly to the brand (milk or nightlife related), and took insight from the menagerie of quirky characters that appeared in 1930s cartoons.


Promotional Content

Unique promotional videos were created for each release to generate hype prior to the EP’s becoming available for download.

In order to encourage engagement for this marquee release, the idea was to get a nostalgia-rub from Capcom’s Street Fighter II. Playing on the name of the EP, our tenacious Milk Man mascot stepped up to the plate in a custom pixel-art form.

A video format constructed for Milk Crate promos, with vintage, low-fidelity footage building up to a splash screen with the release’s details. This particular promo focuses on a milk factory.


Digital Collectible

Milk Crate partnered with Objkt on the Tezos Blockchain, and airdropped a Milk Crate Medallion NFT to individuals who attended the anniversary celebration event. The graphic was projected on walls around the venue and appeared on screens along the bar counter.