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Motion Poster Projection

Starship Bagel

Design Components

Restaurant Mascot

3D Food Models

Menu Icons & Patterns

Composition & Animation

Soundtrack & SFX


Award-winning bakery chain crafting New York-style bagels across its multiple Dallas locations.

Placement / Usage

Storefront Projection

2K Resolution
Sound On


The Challenge

This concept began with my digital art series ‘Metaverse Menus’, which explored the idea of ordering food tokens in a futuristic virtual world. Starship Bagel was launching a new store in downtown Dallas, Texas and wanted to project their own take on the concept to entice and excite customers. The artwork was to be projected on their storefront window.

Design Decisions: Inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics, 1980’s neon signage, and complex HUDs, I aimed to develop a maximalist interface with all corners of the artboard being utilised. The actual piece does not act as a traditional menu, but rather showcases the mainline meals on offer, and the process of ordering.


Metaverse Menus

Originally released as a four-piece digital artwork series, these pieces set the tone for the eventual Starship Bagel execution. Each menu features several cultural references beyond the food, including the mascot design and the traditional patterns at the top of the designs.


Real-World Placement

The design is projected on Starship Bagel’s Dallas store-front window. The placement of the design allows it to entice pedestrians with the animation, while also showcasing the ordering process, and providing customers with entertainment while awaiting their bagel.